Black Adam trailer: Fans are surprised by the power of the character

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Will Black Adam save the world or destroy the world? Like the power he has, we are talking about the power equal to Superman, so we can imagine how much destruction it can do. As can be seen in the new trailer for the Black Adam, he has decided whether to be a hero or a villain. He will most likely go against the Justice Society of America.

For Adam Rose, the journey from a slave 5000 years ago to now has not been a good one. Adam wanted to establish justice in Khandak’s society but did not get along well with him. But now he’s back commanded and ready to fight.

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Black Adam Trailer 2

Source: Youtube

Now the Justice Society has been chosen to stop Black Adam because he himself does not know what he is doing. he has completely changed since he lost his son and comes to seek revenge. We can see many members of the Justice Society of America inside the trailer like Doctor Fate, Hawkman, and Atom.

In the trailer, we can see that Justice Society of America goes to Black Adam and talks about peaceful surrender but he becomes very proud of this and says I do not bow down to anyone.

We can see a lot of fighting scenes inside the trailer which is a good thing, at the end of the trailer, Doctor Fate says “It is up to you to choose whether you want to be the destroyer of this world or the savior of this world” and the trailer ends.

Black Adam will release on the 21st of October!

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