Britney Spears Deleted Her Instagram Account and Shifted to Twitter

Britney Spears Elton John Tiny Dancer instagram twitter

After Talking About a recent Collaboration with Elton John, She deleted her Instagram Account.

She said: “I chose Happiness”

Britney Spears did the same thing again she deleted her Instagram account again on 24 august (Wednesday) after talking about Elton John’s upcoming collaboration.

Britney spears will now post her thoughts on Twitter.

Her last post on “Twitter” was a video of her made by Versace which was posted on June 15. She can be seen in the video wearing her wedding gown which she wore when she married “Sam Asghari” days earlier.

Additionally, In the first tweet, she tweeted: “my first song in 6 years!!! It’s pretty d—n cool and I am very overwhelmed by the fact that I am collaborating with a great musician “Elton John”.

Britney Spears also pointed out that it’s a big opportunity for her.

“I am meditating and learning to value my time”.

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After this tweet, she shared two more tweets in which she talked about happiness, forgiveness, bravery, hope, the holy spirit, and positive energy.

You can check out Britney Spears’s tweets below:

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