Charlbi Dean Kriek, Black Lightning star dies at 32

Charlbi Dean Kriek Black Lightning

Charlbi Dean Kriek, a young, emerging actress from South Africa, who recently starred in the award-winning movie “Triangle of Sadness,” died due to an unexpected illness or disease on Monday. She was only 32 years old. Charlbi has also appeared in the DC comics series “Black Lightning“, She played the role of an assassin over the episodes of two series.

She started her career with the south African movie “Spud” which was released in 2010 then she returned to the movies with the sequel of “Spud”(Spud 2) which was released in 2013. Triangle of Sadness “A dark Comedy” which was directed by Ruben Ostlund is her first big film which made her famous around the world. Charlbi Dean Kriek worked with Harris Dickinson who is the co-lead. In that movie, they played a high fashion couple ” Carl and Yaya”, who were invited on a cruise by the ultra-rich, which seems like a dream for them. A place for only wealthy people and social media influencers but soon they discovered there were groups of terrorists, British arms dealers, and other criminals residing with them, this emerges a civil war between groups on the cruise.

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The cast includes actors like Woody Harrelson who played the role of the ship captain, Dolly de Leon, Zlatko Buric, Iris Berben, and many talented actors similar just like them. The movie was a hit at the “Cannes Film Festival” and it is now ready to be released in the US on 8th October. After This Cannes the movie for around $8 million.

Charlbi Dean Kriek modeling career

Other than acting Charlbi Dean Kriek was also a model, Charlbi Dean Kriek begin her modeling at 6, and at 12 she signed her first modeling contract after that she started appearing in various magazines and catalogs over the years.

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