9 people are hurt in a Cincinnati bar shooting, according to authorities

According to authorities, the mass shooting happened outside of a pub in the Over-the-Rhine district.

Over-The-Rhine Mass shooting Cincinnati

At least nine people have been wounded as a result of a mass shooting in Cincinnati, Ohio early on Sunday morning, according to the police.

Around 1:45 a.m., a gunshot occurred outside a pub in the Over-the-Rhine area.

According to FOX 19, Lt. Colonel Mike John stated that there had been an active shooter in the vicinity and that several rounds had been fired. The gunshot left at least nine individuals hurt, although none of them are in serious condition.

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More Details about mass shooting in Cincinnati

Unknown if the shooter was injured, an officer fired one shot at the suspect as they left the area.

At 5 a.m. ET on Sunday, no suspects were in police custody. Police said that while they cannot prove it, they think there was just one shooter.

Witness told FOX 19: “I saw people rushing and it was a melee.” “Chaos. In fact, I witnessed the police frantically searching the area for the man they were seeking for.”

Multiple streets adjacent to the location were cordoned off by police, and Main Street was shut down where it intersected with Liberty Street.

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