The new CSGO map Tuscan is now playable

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Get ready for a trip down memory lane if you’ve been a fan of the Counter-Strike series from its inception, as the classic CS 1.6 map de Tuscan has been totally redesigned and is now available to download in CS: GO as a playable bomb defusal level.

We mentioned in a previous article how Brute and Catfood, two map developers, have been working on adding a new Tuscan to CS: GO. We recently revealed that the CS: GO developers were testing out the updated Tuscan map, which caused many to speculate that it would be included in the game as part of the next CS: GO update.

Given that the updated Tuscan seems to be playable and is presently accessible for download in the Steam Community Workshop, it appears that the gamers’ requests may have been granted.

The Tuscan complete release is now available on the workshop, Catfood announced today via Twitter. “Good luck and have fun with everyone!”

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Although the updated Tuscan is available for download from the workshop, the game has not yet made use of it. But given that CS:10th GO’s anniversary is almost approaching, don’t be shocked if the new Tuscan is included in the game along with the much-awaited CSGO 10th anniversary update.

To play Tuscan with friends or on public servers, interested players may download the most recent version from this page.

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