Tyron Smith can miss a lot of matches due to his hamstring injury

Dallas Cowboys Tyron Smith NFL Injury Tackle Offensive lineman Hamstring

The cowboys have lost one of their best players in recent days.

It has been reported that he suffered a torn left hamstring in Wednesday’s practice and it is believed that due to the injury, he will not be able to play for several months.

At first, it looked like it was a knee injury and there was no crucial damage to Tyron Smith’s ACL. Everyone thought it was good news, but later it was discovered after additional testing that Tyron Smith’s hamstring was damaged and he will be tested on Thursday to determine the severity of the injury.

Without Tyron smith, the cowboys can have big trouble with the strength of their offensive line. Most likely Tyler smith will replace Tyron who is a first-round draft pick, he plays left tackle in college and is considered a very good player by many but he also suffered from an injury earlier.

Before Tyler Smith’s injury, the Cowboys wanted Tyler Smith to play as a rookie, now when there is an injury hindering things, They have these two best options in his place, Josh Bol who is the fourth-round pick of 2021, who haven’t played rookie till date and other Matt Waletzko a 2022 fifth-round pick.

 These two could be a better option for the cowboys to replace Tyler at left tackle.

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More Details About Tyron Smith

Tyron Smith was employed by the cowboys in the first-round draft in 2021 and he is also the only player to spend the most time in Dallas on the roster, In Better Health condition, he can be considered as one of the best offensive linemen in the world.

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