In “Battle of the Buffet,” Fabregas finally speaks up about why he threw a pizza

Cesc Fàbregas Alex Ferguson Manchester United Arsenal Battle of the Buffet

Cesc Fabregas mentioned the “Battle of the Buffet” in 2004 and the time he threw a pizza at someone.

Before facing Manchester United, their closest opponent at the time, Arsenal had gone 49 league games without a loss.

After the game, there was a large brawl between players from both teams as the Red Devils, who had won the match 2-0, attacked each other.

When they heard a noise outside, Fabregas had already returned to the changing room and was eating pizza.

He hurled his pizza at someone when it became clear that it was from one of the players from each team. Sir Alex Ferguson felt it.

Before Fab finally acknowledged that he was the one who hurled the pizza, nobody knew who had done it for years.

He said he tossed the pizza at someone because he lacked the bravery to engage in combat in a recent interview about the infamous day.

The Daily Mail cited him as saying: “We were 49 games without a loss.” Despite their fierce rivalry, they were very intelligent individuals. I was also receiving a lot of flack.

I became really angry as a result. While warming up, you decided not to play. You regret your defeat. I hurriedly entered the changing room since I had to eat because I was famished.

The 35-year-old continued, “I got a piece of pizza, and we began hearing sounds.” Players and Arsene Wenger began to appear everywhere.

I didn’t have the strength or maybe the guts to engage in that battle, so the first thought that sprang to me was to throw the pizza. In there, they were monsters. They were very large men. Apparently, Sir Alex Ferguson was struck.

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Our Opinion on Fabregas’s incident

One of the Premier League’s worst-tempered games we’ve ever seen was that one.

United was determined to make sure that Arsenal lost despite having a lot to lose.

The Red Devils ultimately prevailed, although it is unlikely that we will ever again hold the invincible crown from the previous season.

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