Fans Teased Luis Figo for Looking like a 40-year-old his whole life

All Football fans teased Luis Figo for Looking like a 40-year-old man his whole life, even in his teenage years.

Luís Figo FC Barcelona Real Madrid CF

While some fans enjoyed the new Netflix Documentary(The Figo Affair) some of them have been left confused by the looks of Luis Figo in his teenage years.

The former Real Madrid legend has had a documentary release about his move from Barcelona to Real Madrid, while some fans enjoyed the content others couldn’t get over his weird looks. Figo had Long Hair like Undertaker in his youth years. Fans Joke about his looks many times over the past years but this doesn’t affect him. He is a very positive man with confidence on his face.

A fan Teased him with this statement: “Enjoyed the Figo documentary on Netflix but my main takeaway is Figo has looked 40 years old his whole life”

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The same fan again added: “This is my favorite photo of Luis Figo”(in a sarcastic way)

Some other fans also added their thoughts on this documentary. One added He was definitely enjoying the bars(jail) other fans added he looks like a younger version of ben stiller with a wig who is 40 years old. while another fan added, “I thought the same thing he looks like a 40-year-old even at 17”.

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Luís Figo FC Barcelona Real Madrid CF The Figo Affair

The documentary mainly focuses on the transfer of Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid, where he contributed to the making of the first modern-day galacticos.

Everyone knows how controversial this topic really was and Max Dobbyn, Pitch’s head of documentaries also added: “This is the definitive account of this story, which is the most controversial, explosive transfer in history.

He says it is very hard to find something different than the usual sports documentary which are mostly biographies and documentaries. This documentary reveals the truth, greed, hardships, and inner working of this big football empire.

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