Jake Paul will fight UFC Legend Anderson Silva in a boxing match

Jake Paul Has Found His Next Opponent, And He’s A Legend Of Combat Sports.

Jake Paul Anderson Silva Boxing Mixed martial arts Ultimate Fighting Championship

Jake Paul Has Found His Next Opponent, And He’s A Legend Of Combat Sports. he is formerly a YouTuber but now boxing, has a match with UFC legend Anderson Silva on October 29, Phoenix. Which is Jake Paul’s biggest fight ever. These two will fight in the 187-pound weight category and there will be a total of 8 rounds in the match of 3 minutes. Anderson Silva, who is 47 years old, is a well-known legend of UFC, he also holds a record of 16 consecutive wins in UFC.

Jake Paul’s Statement

Jake Paul says “The plan was that I will fight a very famous and capable fighter from UFC Anderson Silva in a 185-pound weight category”. But Anderson Silva’s team asked me whether I could fight in the 187-pound weight category, which was only 2 pounds more than my desired weight category. I really appreciate the amount of accuracy and professionalism. And yes I accepted their request.

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Last month, he was supposed to fight Tommy Fury in New York, but that fight was canceled due to travel issues. Ferry was having a lot of trouble getting to America from England. Then Fury is replaced by his friend Hasim Rahman Jr, the former heavyweight champion But that fight also had to be canceled due to the weight issues of Hasim Rahman Jr.

This fight is Jake Paul’s fourth fight with a former UFC player. Earlier, he had knocked out Ben Askaren and also defeated former welterweight campion Tyron Woodley 2-0. Jake Paul’s last match was with Tyron Woodley in December, since then he has not fought any match.

If seen, Anderson Silva is also not on the pack of his career but according to the records he is ahead of both Woodley and Askaren. Anderson Silva was the world’s best pound-to-pound MMA fighter from 2006-2013. And he’s one of the most creative boxers in the history of MMA and boxing, he’s is so good with unexpected knockouts.

Let’s see how jake paul will fight this monster!!

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