Clash at the Castle: Liv Morgan retains her SmackDown women’s championship

Liv Morgan beats Shayna Baszler to retain her WWE smackdown women’s championship.

WWE SmackDown Ronda Rousey Liv Morgan Shayna Baszler Adam Pearce

According to Michael Cole, this is the first time in 900 days that Shayna Baszler has been challenged for her Smackdown Women’s Championship. Liv Morgan and Shayna Baszler’s match took place this Saturday, September 3. This match happened in a very big pay-per-view called “WWE clash at castle” although the popularity of this event is not much if compared to other big pay-per-views because it is introduced recently.

Liv Morgan vs Shayna Baszler

The match was very exciting as Baszler promised that she would hit Morgan very badly and in response, Morgan simply behaved like an underdog. But everyone knows that he is a very smart champion in the women’s category.

Liv Morgan and Shayna Baszler have a draw in terms of overall performance. Both of them took many opportunities for submission during the match. Sometimes Morgan tries to make her submit to a submission move and sometimes Shayna Baszler tries to make her submit to a submission move. In the end, morgan dodged every obstacle thrown at her she tackled every move and somehow connected her finishing move “Oblivion” to have a flawless victory

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Liv Morgan is still the WWE smackdown women’s championship while Ronda Rousey is still trying to get a rematch against her.

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