Logan Paul tells why working for WWE was one of the “hardest” things he has ever done

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As he has come to terms with the world of professional wrestling, Logan Paul has stated why the WWE has left him “stunned,” saying that it is actually much more “challenging” than one might anticipate.

Although celebrity engagement in the WWE is nothing new — it has been from the beginning — there haven’t been many memorable debuts like Logan Paul’s.

The Maverick entered the ring at WrestleMania in April, defeating The Mysterios with the help of his partner, The Miz. The Miz, however, turned his back on the YouTuber in classic pro wrestling fashion, sending them head-on into a singles bout.

In advance of his much awaited singles debut, Logan discussed how the shift into wrestling has disproved the misconception that it is simple on a variety of levels. The two will clash at SummerSlam in Nashville.

Logan Paul describes how difficult it is to perform for the WWE

Prior to his comeback to the ring, Logan stated to TMZ Sports that there is a misconception about pro wrestling since it is far more difficult than some may realise.
Yes, dog, this stuff is tough! It is quite challenging. I’m from the non-WWE universe, so I know what people think and say about it. Because of where I’m from, my mouth has dropped now that I’m here, Logan stated.

“Unless you do it for years, it is such a challenging discipline that your body just is not adapted to. That seems strange to say it, but I now observe some of my colleagues and am awestruck by the abilities of my fellow WWE superstars. It’s a challenging sport that, to be honest, combines so many unique components that no other sport does.

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Given that he signed a multi-year contract with the sports entertainment corporation, Logan will return to the ring on a number of occasions, whether he wins or loses at SummerSlam.

We’re not predicting he’ll triumph in the Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania, but he has already shown he can compete against some of the finest in the business.

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