Machine Gun Kelly Opens Up About Miscarriage In “LAST NOVEMBER”

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly has talked again about an alleged miscarriage he and Megan Fox had last year.

At the 2022 Billboard Music Awards in May, people started talking about the two of them getting married and having a child. When Kelly was on stage to sing “Twin Flame” from his Mainstream Sellout album, he told the crowd, “I wrote this song for my wife.” Later, about halfway through the song, he stopped again to say, “And this is for our unborn child,” which isn’t on the official recording of the song. Some people thought the shout-out was a pregnancy announcement, but fans online thought Kelly was talking about a miscarriage he and Fox had. This was based on the backstory Kelly wrote about the song in the Mainstream Sellout zine that came with it.

Kelly says in the zine that “Twin Flame,” a song that has the sound of a heartbeat in it, was made in two different bursts. “Almost two years later, the second part of [“twin flame”] came out,” he writes. “Well, it started out as a song called “One Day and 10 Weeks.” After that, I wrote a song called “Last November.” We didn’t talk about how sad we were about what I won’t say, so I went back to the “twin flame” story and decided to add to it. “Our tale.”

Kelly and Fox have never talked about the miscarriage in public. However, Kelly seems to have talked about it again when he released the song “Last November,” which is the same song he talks about in the zine.

The singer and rapper put out the deluxe version of his album Mainstream Sellout on Friday. It has five songs that have never been released before, including “Last November.” Kelly plays the guitar on this acoustic ballad, which seems to be about him singing to his unborn child.

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Machine Gun Kelly About His Song

“You didn’t wake up today, so I didn’t get to see your face, mm.” Was I to blame? Was it karma?/ Was it up to me to decide what would happen to you? / The song starts with the lyrics, “‘Cause you didn’t wake up today, yeah.”

Later, in the song’s second verse, Kelly seems to get more specific and directly talk about the miscarriage with the lines “One day and another ten weeks/ I never even got to hear your heartbeat/ Last year feels like a past life/ We said “forever” on the very first night, yeah.” They match exactly what Kelly wrote in his zine at the time, and it’s clear that time was hard and painful for the singer.

Kelly wonders if he could have done anything different to stop what happened: “So sad we ended up here/So sad, but everything’s clear/Could I save your life if I pressed rewind?/I wish I could go back to November last year.” But by the time the bridge comes in, the singer seems to have found a way to deal with it: “Obviously, I never wanted to write this song. Promise me that when the stars shine bright, you’ll send me a comet to show me that you’re still here, forever.”

Before “Last November” came out, Kelly said on Twitter that it was the truth behind the second half of “Twin Flame.” It’s a reference to the way the beat changes at the end of “Twin Flame,” when Kelly sings over a lo-fi acoustic guitar, “Go to sleep/I’ll see you in my dreams/This changes everything/Now I have to set you free.”

At the time of this writing, Kelly and Fox still hadn’t talked about the miscarriage in public. In January, they made it official that they were going to get married. Kelly has a daughter named Casie from a relationship she had before.

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