Mark Zuckerberg’s Company Meta Decided to Launch New VR Headset in October

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This Week Ceo of Meta which is formerly known as “Facebook” Mark Zuckerberg told about the arrival of a VR Headset which is likely to arrive this October. 

It seems that after several months of prototypes, now we will all be able to experience the Real Headset.

Mark Zuckerberg gave many details about the new VR Headset talking about its unique features in Joe Rogan’’s podcast. The project’s name is “Project Cambria” and it will be launched at the Connect Developer Event in October. Unfortunately, the CEO didn’t discuss more details related to the actual name of the headset but it can be considered the new “Meta Quest Pro”.

As we know how great the old Meta Quest VR headset was, it excites us already “how good the next-gen Vr will be” It, Loaded with features to surpass the line between virtual reality and the actual world. 

Although the CEO at the start of the podcast gave the details of the features and improvements made in the next VR headset, He said that the upcoming new VR headset would mainly focus on the “social presence”. He also told us about some next-generation features like if we smile while wearing the Meta VR headset, our avatar will also copy our facial expressions accurately. He also said that there would also be a new capability in which you will be able to eye contact virtually with other people.

We know that the company will showcase the new VR in October but we can assume that its official release date will be announced several weeks later, Meta’s new headset is expected to come with a slim, streamlined design and high-end display with advanced technology such as facial recognition and eye-tracking sensors.

In addition, there will be some cameras and sensors inside the set, so the user can easily switch between the real world when he needs to.

We also think the Meta Vr has the ability to suck important precious hours of our life, meaning due to the new engaging environment provided by the Meta VR, people will tend to spend more time in the virtual world rather than the real world which is not good in terms of their health as well as productivity.

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Meta New VR Pricing:

According to the recent leaks about the pricing, the new Meta VR Headset can cost more than $800. The Price is not 100% confirmed but it will most likely cost more than $800 or $800.

Either way, We only have some days left until we have all the details.

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