MrBeast crosses a milestone of 100 million subscribers on YouTube


Jimmy Donaldson, better known on YouTube as MrBeast, is recognized for his ambitious endeavors and unusual difficulties. With the passing of 100 million followers on his primary YouTube channel, he has now accomplished a new feat. Variety said that the YouTuber stated in a statement, “100 million means so much.

Since I was 11 years old, I have been creating videos. I’m very appreciative to everyone who has ever seen a video since this number in a sense sums up all I’ve ever accomplished in my life. To the day I die, I intend to continue doing YouTube. MrBeast intends to release new goods during an exclusive shoppable live broadcast on YouTube to commemorate this achievement. On August 4, he will also publish one of his most costly films ever.

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Mrbeast’s Tweet

He is anticipated to earn the most of any YouTuber in 2021. The main: Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast Shorts, Mr. Beast Gaming, Beast Reacts, and Beast Philanthropy are among the 18 channels that make up his business. By doing so, he has amassed over 215 million members and over 30 billion views to date.

He is well renowned for his large-scale endeavors. He traveled to Africa earlier this year and drilled a few wells in the communities of Mbouda and Foumbot since there isn’t “reliable access” to water there. In collaboration with a nonprofit organization, he constructed two different wells that can each generate 10,000 liters of water. He describes how the first well will be drilled at a depth of 180 feet and the second well at a depth of 270 feet. Water is essential to everyone’s existence. But many others lack access to it.

The YouTuber also recreated Squid Games with 456 participants. The person who survived the longest wins $456,000. MrBeast’s set included replications of all of the games from the show like Red Light Green Light, the honeycomb challenge, the marbles game, the tug of war, the glass hopping challenge and the final Squid Game. For the final challenge, however, he replaced South Korea’s popular Squid Game with musical chairs so that the Western participants would know the rules. Other than that, the only departure from the show is in the fact that nobody ended up being murdered for losing any of the games.

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