Queen Elizabeth II is not in a very good health, sources confirmed

Prince Charles has been spotted many times visiting Queen Elizabeth over the past few days, pointing to the fact that the monarch is not in very good health right now.

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Experts reveal that Regular visits to the queen during a short interval of time are “highly unusual” and this could be a sign of increasing health issues related to Queen Elizabeth.

As the constitution meetings and engagements are arising in the coming weeks, this situation of queen’s health issues can cause various problems in the functioning of the country.

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More Details about Queen Elizabeth’s health

According to the sources, the 96-year-old queen most likely will not leave Balmoral to appoint the new prime minister in September. But there is a problem related to this appointment, according to the constitution this is only the queen has the power to appoint the new prime minister but as we know the queen does not want to come in public.

The Queen officially moved from Buckingham Palace and now she is residing in Windsor, this emerges a new question in everybody’s mind, what if the authorities wanted to have an official meeting with the queen? actually, there is no correct answer to this question either.

Even those of keeping an eagle eye on the monarch do not know if Prince Charles will take on the duty (hence acquiring the power of the queen as well).

As you all know that the queen is definitely surfing from mobility issues over the past few years, as many major events are postponed or canceled over the past few years for the benefit of the queen.

The last picture of the queen in public was taken on 21 July when she was departing her plane at Aberdeen Airport, which concerns people about her health issues.

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