WATCH: Iowa authorities looking into a UFO that cannot be explained.

After filming what he claimed to be a UFO soaring over the night sky on Tuesday, a guy in Iowa is now famous for his goofy clip.


The Des Moines resident claimed to have seen the UFO over him while traveling along Hickman Road.

“It resembles an eyeball-shaped UFO. I’m not sure how to interpret that “said Jacob Ferrell.

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“It was essentially floating there in the sky, remaining still. I was gazing up at the equipment Elon Musk has up there, but I’m not sure.”

Ferrell said that the UFO’s structure makes him dubious about where it came from.

He said, “This was one thing by itself…it was simply too odd.”

The encounter is being looked at by the National UFO Reporting Center in Washington state.

The official said, “I have no reason to assume it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

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This most recent incident happened before World UFO Day on Saturday.

Washington Examiner Videos About UFO

Source: The Washington Examiner

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