Shocking Footage of Two Ladies Being Snatched By Whales in California with Their Mouths


Two ladies were enjoying the water in California when, like Pinocchio, they received a shock when a humpback whale seemed to almost swallow them whole. When the whale approached and the two kayakers opened their lips in response, it was captured on camera and shared widely on social media. They depict the exact moment the Beast succeeds to seize them, but after a little interval—which they undoubtedly felt to last forever—it abandons them in the midst of the sea. Both were treated right away after witnesses to the event alerted the rescue team.

National Geographic claims: It is physiologically impossible for all but one species to consume humans, notwithstanding the relatively uncommon stories of individuals finding themselves in whales’ mouths. The humpback whale’s throat is shaped to accommodate tiny fish. Therefore, even though females may suffer injuries, the animal does not eat them.

Another event involving these cetaceans caused the agonizing moments felt by a crew in Mexico a few months ago when they were struck by a whale to become viral.

However, it is always suggested to keep a safe distance. Some waterways, such as those in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru, are more likely to have them.

For instance, a diver who was spearfishing for lobsters last year became popular when he described how he managed to escape being sucked up by a humpback whale off the coast of Massachusetts, USA. He held it in his mouth for thirty seconds before spitting it out into the ground. However, once this species can fit a person within its mouth, it cannot swallow the human.

When feeding, humpback whales may expand to a length of 38 cm and have a throat the size of a human fist.

Because the animal realized the circumstance and instantly spat them out, they were not swallowed, as was the case with females until recently.

The mentioned source suggests that it’s possible that whales likewise have unpleasant feelings when similar circumstances occur to them.

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Many people are at the wrong place at the wrong time and they are merely trying to eat fish.

Other kayakers were caught in a humpback whale’s throat off the coast of California in 2020. In fact, every single one of these tales—at least the more well-known ones—reminds us of the biblical story of Jonah being swallowed by a whale so as to save him from drowning. Gepetto, the father of Pinocchio, eventually flew in one, although a nice one. As a result, these concepts persisted in many people’s thoughts throughout time until they were acknowledged as accurate. The sperm whale is the only whale that has the ability to swallow a human being and result in death.

What do whales consume?

While all whales consume fish, odontocetes like sperm whales sometimes consume squid, while baleen whales like the blue and grey consume smaller food like plankton, krill, and minnows.

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